Dip your toes into the magic waters of Scottish licensing laws!

Welcome to the world of licensing law in Scotland!

I am a licensing solicitor with TLT and a self-confessed licensing geek. I would like to welcome you all to this blog on Scottish licensing and gambling law, which I shall be using to occasionally air my personal thoughts, commentary and analysis on legal and industry news. The thoughts expressed here are entirely my own and have no link to my professional positions.

You can follow me on Twitter – @LicensingLaws

I am a specialist licensing and gambling solicitor, Partner and Head of Licensing (Scotland) at TLT Solicitors and I appear for clients at hearings all over Scotland.

Professional Appointments
I am a member of the prestigious Law Society of Scotland Law-Reform Licensing Sub-committee, In 2011/2012 I sat on the Scottish Government’s Working Group for The Licensing Board Member Training Specification; and in April 2012 I was appointed to the Scottish Government Working Group revising the Scottish Government Guidance to Licensing Boards.

I was the first Scottish solicitor to become a Member of the Institute of Licensing (MIOL) and although a solicitor, I retain my connections with paralegals as a Fellow of the Specialist Society of Paralegals (FSSP). I am also a Council Member of BII Scotland, appointed in November 2009. The biggest part of that job is being on the Annual Awards sub-committee and includes overseeing the judging process for the awards. I am also an Affiliate of the BII (ABII) and an accredited trainer of their Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH).

Authorships and Awards
I am the author of three legal texts in this area, with a fourth on the way. My books are: “Licensing and Gambling Law in Scotland” (Avizandum, 2009) “Gaming in Pubs and Clubs” (Licensing Services Ltd, 2008) “Gaming in Licensed Premises” (Taverna Publishing, 2010). I have just completed my fourth book, “Local Government Licensing Law in Scotland”, which will be published by the Institute of Licensing in August 2012. I have also written extensively for the mainstream and trade press. I have won three legal awards for my contributions to licensing law in Scotland: At the Law Awards of Scotland in 2008 I won the prestigious Chairman’s Award and Paralegal of the Year. In 2012 at the Scottish Legal Awards I won Rising Star.

I hope the blog will shed some light in the darkened corners of Scottish licensing law…



About Stephen McGowan

Leading Scottish licensing solicitor at TLT LLP.
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