Local Government Licensing Law in Scotland
Publisher: Institute of Licensing, August 2012
ISBN: 9780955539237
PRICE: £30 (IofL members)/£40 (non-members)
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Also available at Amazon Here

Reviews of “Local Government Licensing Law in Scotland”

The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland
October 2012

This is the book many practitioners in the “civic” field have been waiting for.  It gives a focused, concise and often witty introduction to the myriad forms of licence required to enable controlled businesses in Scotland…Stephen is not afraid to grasp the nettle and describe the law as it is while offering sound solutions which, if followed, will make the licensed world less unstable. I could hardly put this book down…If you practise licensing law you need this book.”

Scottish Licensing Law & Practice
SLLP Book Review [2012] 51 SLLP 7

Step forward Stephen McGowan who, with his usual enthusiasm, has succesfully authored a peice of work covering a wide range of licensing provisions in a comprehensive, yet user-friendly, format. For this with no particular experience in the field of civic licensing, this will prove to be an invaluable roadmap…an articulate, well referenced and enlightening account of an area of law which continues to intrigue and vex both established licensing lawyers and those who occasionally dabble in its labyrinth-like provisions

“Licensing and Gambling Law in Scotland”
Publisher: Avizandum, May 2009
ISBN: 9781904968306
PRICE: £60
Order from the Publisher Here
Also available at Amazon Here

Reviews of “Licensing and Gambling Law in Scotland”

Scots Law Times
(2009) 39 SLT 242

This text is the first of its kind, in dealing as a whole the subject of liquor and gaming  licensing in Scotland after both have been transformed as a result of two Acts of 2005. The text is labelled as “A Practical Guide” and delivers. The text offers the experienced  licensing lawyer with a good compendium, and for those approaching the topic for the first time, it is an essential guide to all you need to know

The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland
September 2009

I must congratulate Stephen McGowan for even attempting such a thorough review…The work sets out, in a clear concise way, who does what and why, what the licensing boards’ responsibilities and powers are, and likewise what their role as a licensing authority under the gambling legislation is. The latter is an area where very few of us dare to go and not one which, I defy anyone to say, they fully understand…I am sure Mr McGowan will look forward to producing the second and third editions as time moves on, and I wish him further success in his endeavours, as there is no doubt in my mind that this book should be found in the library of those who do any work at all in these areas of the law; and for those who do much, it is in my personal view an excellent aide-mémoire.”

“Gaming in Licensed Premises”
Publisher: Taverna Publishing, November 2009
Authors: Paddy Whur, Andrew Woods, and Stephen J McGowan
ISBN: 9780956412904
PRICE: £25
Available via Woods Whur LLP Here
Available at Amazon Here

“Gaming in Pubs and Clubs: The New Law”
Publisher: Licensing Services Ltd, March 2008
ISBN: 978-0955828003
PRICE: £29
Available via Scottish Licensing Law and Practice Here
Available at Amazon Here

Reviews of “Gaming in Pubs and Clubs: The New Law”

The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland
November 2008

In the first chapter of Gaming in Pubs and Clubs: The New Law, the author, Stephen McGowan, sets out his purpose – to provide the Scottish licensed trade and those who advise it with an “easy to understand guide to the new gambling law”. I think I can say, unequivocally, that he has achieved that purpose…If like me your heart sinks when telephoned by a client who expects a quick
answer to the question “Can I have a race night in my pub?”, you need not worry: this book may well have the answer or at the very least it will point you in the right direction


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